With the personal trainer it is possible to set targets tailored to the various needs and neuro-physical characteristics and execute a personal program in which you are individually followed to verify the improvements or, if necessary, to recalibrate the training.

The possible disciplines are:

  • Thai-Boxing (called Muay Thai in the original language), known also as "8 knock boxing", as it's possible to hit in addition to the hands, with elbow, kicks and knees;
  • Kick-Boxing, originated by the same discipline, but without elbows and knees;
  • Full Contact, similar to Kick Boxing, but kicks is allowed only above the belt.
  • Boxing: only hit with punches

The training sessions have duration between 60 and 90 minutes. It's possible to book personal lessons or for small group (max 4 people).

Each training session includes a part of body/cardio preparation and a part of fighting preparation, teaching technical improvements.

The training is suitable for any level, from the professional fighter to the beginner or people who just want the increase their fitness performance in a fun way.

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